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There's always trust involved in a relationship between a business and a customer, but trust is especially important when that business is a security patrol service.

Route4Me makes it easy for your customers to trust you. You can use our route planning platform to show your customer where your security team member was during each minute of their patrol shift.

Our sotware allows you to see where your field employees are at all times. It's a simple process - your field employees just need to download our app, and then their mobile devices will function as home beacons that show you where they are. This tracking data is automatically recorded, so you can review it whenever you find a convenient time.

You can share the tracking data with your customers to give them some peace of mind. A unque tracking link is created for all the routes planned with our software. After you share this link with your customer, the'll be able to plug it into our online customer portal to see the real-time location of your field employee displayed on a map.

Also, Route4me ensures that your patrol routes are as efficient as possible. That will make your field employees more efficient, and you'll save a fortune on fuel, too.