Worry-Free Commercial Truck Routing & GPS

Commercial Route Planner App For iOS And Android.

Commercial Truck Routing & GPS App
Commercial Truck Routing & GPS App
Commercial Truck Routing & GPS App
Commercial Truck Routing & GPS App

How Route4Trucks Works

Input Your Vehicle(s)

Input Your Vehicle(s)

Routes make sense for you and your commercial vehicles.
Set Multiple Destinations

Set Multiple Destinations

Input multiple stops to the truck routing software avoid unpleasant surprises with vehicle parameters and constraints.
Hit The Road!

Hit The Road!

Battle hardened for professionals - get truck maps and GPS navigation that’s actually pleasant to use.
No More Phone-Fiddling and Text-Neck

No More Phone-Fiddling And Text-Neck

When you’re on the road you don’t have time and patience to stare at your tiny phone screen, wondering if you’re on the right road for your vehicle.

Apps like Google Maps and Waze are not trucker GPS apps. They can lead you directly into a low-clearance accident or onto an unauthorized road for your commercial vehicle. Route4Trucks commercial route planner flushes your worries down the nearest truck stop toilet with routes made based on your custom parameters.

Only For Commercial Vehicles & Trucks

Route4Trucks trucker tool and commercial GPS plans for all Class 1-8 Vehicles.

Get the best trucker path to multiple stops in your locality or plan long trips spanning states and countries. Drive safe and stay compliant with state and local regulations whether you’re an LTL or FTL driver, or you’re a leisurely RV hobbyist.

Commercial Routing You Can Trust
Don’t Take Risks with Consumer Apps

Simple. Fast. Accurate Commercial Route Planning

Build with input from the pros who keep the country running.

Not only is Route4Trucks commercial route planner app great for truck navigation - it’s a multi-stop truck GPS. Respect local and state restrictions and vehicle constraints while navigating up to five stops. Great for local deliveries or long trips spanning states. It’s your one-stop semi truck GPS.


Commercial Truck Routing & GPS Navigation

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  • Designed specifically for commercial vehicles
  • Easily plan multi-stop commercial routes
  • Routes adapt to height, width, weight, hazmat and more
  • Drive more safely with in app voice-guided navigation
  • Stay compliant with commercial trucking regulations
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