Saving The Planet
One Visit at a Time

The Route4Me® carbon-neutral last mile™ optimization platform helps deliver goods or services to their customers by taking vehicles off the road.

The Carbon Neutral Last Mile is pioneered by Route4Me's ability to help companies eliminate dirty emissions
There’s No Planet B!

We Have Been Reducing Emissions Since 2010

Route4Me is considered “The Godfather of Green”

Avoiding unnecessary work and distances driven, saves people from wasting millions of hours annually, and billions of inefficient miles from being driven.

Our Environmentally Focused Culture Has:

Saved the equivalent of planting 87 million trees

Cleaned up enough air equal to planting over 87M+ trees

87 Million+


Eliminating Co2 emissions from the final mile

Prevented 10 billion miles (22.5B KM) from being driven and reduced CO2 emissions by

10 Billion+


Helped deliver & donate over 250,000 meals for children & seniors

Assisted children, seniors, and other social causes by helping donate and deliver over



Prevented over 10 Billion wasted miles (22.5B km)

Accelerated decarbonization and the adoption of electric business fleets



A switch to an eco-friendly last mile is the clean secret to supply chain profits

Sustainability Through
Carbon-Neutral Last Mile™ Optimization

The instant-gratification expectations of today's customers pose a direct environmental threat to the planet.

Modern businesses that incorporate Route4Me into their operations instantly up their green game and effortlessly reduce emissions - all while helping customers and other businesses reduce their carbon footprint.

All your business routes, whether dynamic or recurring, become more efficient, and help you reach your customers faster.

Electric Vehicle fleets can be profitable and good for the environment

The World Has Changed

Countless delivery and service vehicles
are hitting the road and killing the planet.

Customer expectations are constantly evolving, but almost always towards what is cheaper, easier, and faster. This has created a movement away from brick-and-mortar shopping to ecommerce, resulting in an ever rising number of deliveries.

By 2030 global urban last-mile delivery emissions are projected to increase by more than 36% and deliveries will grow by 78%.

The COVID pandemic accelerated the transition in the work-from-home and stay-at-home-economy at a faster rate than anyone could have anticipated.

Join Route4Me on its journey to worldwide decarbonization and help reduce dirty planet killing emissions.

Environment and Industry can work in a unified lifecycle that benefits all parties

Environment and Sustainability (ESG)

  • Reduce emissions
  • Empower carbon offset and carbon zero initiatives
  • Reduce human time wasted
Eliminating Co2 emissions from the final mile


  • Using Route4Me's patented route optimization tech
  • With support for biking, walking, and scooter routes
Fleet electrification is the future and the switch is happening now

Fleet Electrification

  • EV-aware route optimization and planning
  • EV-adoption dashboards, analytics, metrics

Carbon-Neutral Last Mile
Optimization Is Now Essential

All businesses can now compete with the seemingly unachievable service and sustainability standards customers and investors now expect

  • Your Customers Expect Immediate Service at Any Location
  • Every Business Owner & Customer Owns A Powerful Mobile Device
  • Mainstreet Businesses Need New Technology to Stay Relevant
  • Vehicles & Autonomous Vehicles are Getting Smarter / More Capable
Green Tech Company Route4Me Uses a Triple P Bottomline approach to business. People, Planet, and Profit maintain a harmonious balance with on another
Planet People Profit

Your People Can Drive Change

Plug Route4Me into almost any business operation that has multiple drivers and start saving the planet profitably today.

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