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Dynamic Routing

For businesses whose driving routes change daily or a few times a week.

Starting at:
Route Management
  • Run your business operation
  • Collaborate across your company
  • Connect to any app
  • Get real-time business insights
  • Track your people live on a map
Route Optimization
All included in
Route Management And:
Route Optimization Plus
All included in
Route Optimization And:
  • Automatically Optimize Multi-Person Routes
  • Use Business Rules in route optimization
Price includes up to 10 team members. More than 10? Only $50/mo. per extra team member.
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Scheduled & Recurring Routing

For businesses whose customers need to be visited using a repeating schedule.

Starting at:
Recurring Routing
  • Never plan the same route over and over
  • Set up your routes to run on the schedule you want
  • Plan, preview, and manage routes that will happen in the short to medium-term
  • Single schedule per route
  • Stay in total control by assigning any team member to any route
Recurring Routing Plus
All included in
Recurring Routing And:
  • Incorporate route changes for routes that might occur far into the future
  • Multiple schedules
  • Automatically assign team members to future routes
Recurring Routing + Order Dispatch
All included in
Recurring Routing Plus And:
  • Visit customers whenever and however they want to be visited
  • Multiple schedules per route and customer
Price includes up to 10 team members. More than 10? Only $50/mo. per extra team member.
Recurring Routing Recurring Routing Plus Recurring Routing + Order Dispatch
Plan Routes for Yourself
Plan Routes for Your Team
Plan your recurring routes 1 month in advance
Plan your recurring routes 12 months in advance
Route Assignment
Manually link routes and people
Automatically link routes and people
Single schedule per route
Multiple schedules per route
Add schedules for specific Orders and Customers
Plan routes to visit Orders and Customers
Business Insights & Intelligence
Team & Driver Dashboards
Team & Driver Analytics
Mobility & Collaboration
Mobile App Access
Dispatch routes to drivers
Integrated Voice Guided Navigation
Connectivity & Automation
Import Data From Almost Anywhere
Connect to 1,000+ systems
Connect to any telematics system
Connect using our API
Access our Marketplace
Data export and data audits
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