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Real-Time Tracking

Track Assets, People, and Vehicles

Many companies offer tracking solutions that use dots on a map to show you where assets, people, and vehicles were at some point in time.

But unless you’ve memorized the routes your assets should have been traveling on in the first place, all those dots aren’t really that helpful when it comes to monitoring your business.

Route4Me is GPS tracking software for tracking where your assets in real time

Route4Me shows you more than just dots. By capturing locations from smartphones and third-party telematics systems, our software allows you to track your drivers in real-time. Also, when you’re looking at driver progress on Route4Me's mobile app, the refresh times are as low as one second. You’ll always know exactly where your drivers are.

Our mobile app is connected to your Route4Me company account, so the travel and arrival times of your assets are automatically reflected in your route manifest. This provides you and your customers with up-to-the-minute Dynamic Route ETAs and Dynamic Route Manifests.

Planned Optimized Route vs. Actual Driven Route Explanation


Real-Time Traffic Manifests and Dynamic Route ETA's


Real-Time Alerts Triggered by GPS Location Data