$10 / per user / per month

Improve Driver and Technician Productivity

Create customized actions to keep drivers or technicians on task while providing a smooth experience for customers. Digitally capture the necessary information at every customer visit with Route4Me's Workflows. Meet your unique business needs and enhance the proof of delivery, visit, and service process.

Customize tasks specifically for your business and tailor those tasks to each stop. Create Workflows with a set of optional and mandatory tasks techs and drivers are required to complete. Use the mobile app to prompt drivers through each step of the process before they can mark the stop as done.

Customize Tasks for Drivers Or Technicians With Route4Me Workflows

Streamline Proof of Delivery or Service

Use the Route4Me mobile app to ensure workers collect the right proof of delivery or service. A delivery driver may need to capture a signature and photo for proof of delivery, but the next stop requires ID verification with a signature. A service technician may need to take a picture of the faulty part before removing, capture a serial number, or get a video of the repaired equipment, but at the next stop may only need a photo and signature.

This functionality is hard to find at such a granular level. Eliminate support issues and ensure closed loop data capture with a complete fulfillment history of every visit on every route. Improve the point of service experience for your customers and employees with this seamless process.