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Stops Bundling


Imagine that your team members are out on the road visiting multiple destinations. Some of the destinations on their list might have the same address, be in the same building, or be in approximately the same geographic region.

You get to decide what approximately in the same geographic region means. To some, it might mean the exact same street address. It can also be the same city block. Or, if you don’t have a street address, you can specify the geographic proximity that makes sense for your business.

Route4Me is route optimization software that schedules recurring routes

Our route optimization technology will automatically combine all the route destinations that are approximately in the same geographic region, into a single location that makes the most sense in your route.

That newly created bundled location will have sub-location details. The bundled destination will automatically add up all the original sub-destination details, if they existed, such as weight, cube, pieces, cost, revenue, and service time.

And, for your convenience, each of the original stops will still appear as sub-items inside the bundled location. This will permit your team members to individually capture signatures, photos, scan labels, and more, at each route destination. ETA’s, automatic alerts, and other dynamic capabilities of our platform will continue to work automatically.

We ensure route optimization quality stays very high by giving you the ability to customize bundling rules. These rules tell our system how to automatically group things like service times.

Here are a few examples, but not all the possibilities:

  • 60 seconds to take out the hand truck, and 5 seconds for each additional item or task
  • 2 minutes to take out the hand truck, 2 minutes for the first item or task, 30 seconds for each item or task
  • 1 minute for the first activity or task, 2 minutes per gallon of beer, 7 minutes per pallet unload time
  • 5 minutes per location, ignore all original service times