Driver Breaks


If your drivers are on the road for too long or your field employees are working more than they should, not only will they get fatigued and be put at risk of accidents and work injuries, but it may also violate some of your local government regulations. For instance, in most states, drivers are prohibited from driving for more than 11 hours a day and a mandatory 30-minute break after the eighth hour on duty. Exceeding this limit may result in civil penalties that can range from $1,000, up to $11,000 for a single violation.

Insert driver breaks into planned routes

Moreover, depending on the specific operational needs of your business, your field employees might need to take authorized breaks every couple of hours so that they don’t get too fatigued from working with specialized equipment or at heights. This helps employees so they don’t get injured or the quality of their work doesn’t suffer.

Route4Me will automatically choose the most optimal location and sequence position for each break stop

That being said, inserting breaks into pre-planned and optimized routes can be complicated, especially when you want to get the most efficient results without your drivers traveling extra miles, or idling for too long trying to find the right spot on their own.

With our Driver Breaks Add-On, you can insert operational breaks into pre-planned routes with the touch of a button. Once you insert one or multiple breaks into a route, Route4Me will automatically choose the most optimal location and sequence position for each break stop, and recalculate the route’s ETAs accordingly.

Route optimization software with driver breaks

To accommodate the particular requirements of your business or unique business model, Route4Me provides multiple break insertion options. For example, you can insert breaks after a specific amount of travel time, or after a certain time of being on duty to comply with government regulations. To make sure that your field employees don’t get fatigued when working on-site, you can insert breaks after a certain amount of service time, or after they have serviced a specific number of route stops.