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Max Distance per Route


Fatigued drivers pose a danger to themselves as well as others on the road. Driver fatigue is one of the consequences of poor route planning. Poorly planned routes and long hours on the road can negatively impact drivers' productivity.

With Advanced Constraint Add-On - Max Route Distance, you can define the maximum distance that your planned routes should not exceed. This will help you plan equally-sized routes, ensuring an evenly-distributed workload so that drivers do not feel exhausted and over-worked. For example, if you know that your drivers become fatigued after driving for 40 miles in a day, you can set maximum route distances in the system while planning routes.

Set maximum distance settings per route

The Advanced Constraint Add-On - Max Route Distance will automatically create one or more equally-sized routes if the distance of the current route(s) exceeds the maximum number of miles. The new route/s will include the stops that did not fit into the planned route due to the exceeded optimization constraints.

While creating routes, the system will consider factors like Maximum Number of Routes/Vehicles, Maximum Route Duration, and Maximum Distance per Vehicle, or Route settings.

The Advanced Constraint Add-On - Max Route Distance feature allows you to use Priority, Weight, Cubic Volume, Number of items, and Revenue constraints to have more control over your routes and make sure your drivers are functioning efficiently and safely.

Set limits on how many miles or kilometers are permitted in each route