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Dispatch Add-On

$99 / per month

There are several ways to assign a user to a route in Route4Me. Once a user is assigned to a route, they’ll be able to view the route by logging into the Route4Me website or mobile app. They’ll also be able to edit the route if you’ve given them permission to do so.

  • Assign A User When Setting Route Parameters - While you’re creating a route, you can choose which user will be assigned to the route in the ‘Users’ section of Route Parameters.
  • Assign A User In The Routes List - In the Routes List, click on the blue ‘Assign User’ button next to a route to assign a user to the route.
  • Assign A User In The Route Editor - In the Route Editor, click on the ‘Edit’ tab and select ‘Route Settings’ to open Route Parameters. Then, go to the ‘Users’ sections to assign a user to the route.

Route4Me is cloud-based, so any change you make to a route from your office computer will automatically be shared with the user assigned to the route, even if they’re already on the road. This makes it easy to accommodate last-minute requests from your customers.