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Advanced Team Management


A well-structured and easily-manageable team is crucial for the success of any business, especially those businesses that rely on the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of their last-mile routing and logistics-intense operations. In addition to the drivers that complete your routes, you may also have one or multiple managers that are in charge of different company branches or departments, dispatchers who are responsible for dispatching routes and supporting drivers out in the field, analysts that analyze and audit the performance of your entire infrastructure, and so on.

route planning software for teams

Route4Me will allow you to build an interactive and hierarchically structured network of users with internal company roles and adjustable account-level access permissions:

  • Structurize your entire network of assets and mobile workforce using flexible roles within the permissions-based hierarchy. For example, you can create a branch manager for each company division and have a separate team of drivers, route planners, analysts, and other team members assigned to a different manager.
  • Create a separate Route4Me account with a specific role and permissions for each member of your team so that they can sign in from different devices and platforms into their own accounts. All customer and route data saved into your team accounts from different devices and platforms can be synced into your Global Database in real-time.
  • Control what each of your team members can see and edit - set up different levels of access to your organization’s centralized Orders List, Synced Address Book, and other types of information within your Global Databases.
  • Configure your company team members, fleet vehicles, as well as future and expired routes access and visibility settings for each member. Use Route4Me’s Read-Only Mode to control the visibility and management balance.
  • Back at the office or out in the field - dispatch routes and collaborate with your entire team in near real-time with Route4Me’s instant data synchronization across the Route4Me Web,iOS, and Android platforms.
  • When on the go, communicate and manage your entire team network from your smartphone.
  • Optimize workload distribution within your infrastructure using Route4Me’s auto-assign features for routes, drivers, vehicles, and other assets.
route optimization software for teams

Get Route4Me’s Advanced Team Management Add-On with a click of the button and start building your interactive network of users and assets today. For maximum convenience and efficiency, you can invite hundreds of team members at a time and allow them all to fill out their own account details.