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Customer Email Alerting and Notifications - Completed


Route4Me Automatically Sends Customers an Alert When Their Visit Has Been Completed

Route4Me's solutions are designed to provide your team members back at the office and out in the field with all the necessary tools for planning and completing optimized routes of any complexity in the easiest and most effective way possible. We also understand that your customers' satisfaction is the direct measurement of your success. Notifying your customers about the status of their order and keeping them in the loop will give them some peace of mind and allow you to maintain a professional reputation.

Real-Time Alerts & E-Mail Notifications Using GPS Data


Having proof of delivery or completion is crucial for the security of your operations, transparency between you and your clients, and the reputation of your business. That being said, manually sending an email to each one of your customers can add up to hundreds of hours of expensive team time.

With this Route4Me component, you can automate the process of sending alerts and email notifications to your customers once their visit has been completed by your team members. Sending a customized email notification with the details of the completed order will help you earn the trust of your customers and keep them satisfied.

Customer Alerting and Notifications

Customers appreciate having detailed information about their orders. With Route4Me, you will be able to send action-triggered email notifications that contain automatically attached delivery tracking URLs, order IDs, visitation time windows, dynamic arrival times, and other relevant order details. To customize how your notifications look and how your customers interact with them, you can use various white-labeled or branded email templates with flexible settings. On top of that, Route4Me's Self-Service Customer Portal will help you save thousands of hours of valuable team time and expensive company resources by permitting your customers to track the status of their order or delivery online.

Route4Me also offers customer alert components for the following triggers: