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Operational Analytics


It’s hard to keep track of everything that affects your business. There are always so many things happening at the same time.

But when you have the right software, it’s possible to see everything clearly. Route4Me collects a lot of data, and we provide you with visualization tools that will show you how to use this data to improve your business.

With our GPS tracking and geofencing features, you’ll be able to follow the progress of your drivers in real-time. You might be too busy to just sit down and watch what your drivers do, though. Don’t worry - tracking data is automatically recorded, so you can look at it whenever you find the right time. We take the GPS data, combined with all their other activities, and create actionable dashboards for your team to make decisions.

Route4Me records information about your arrival times, time-on-site, fuel usage, revenue, and expenses as well. Our technology allows you to establish a baseline for your business, so that when something is out of the ordinary, you’ll know about it immediately.

There’s no reason to use many disconnected, cumbersome, and separate systems for your route planning, fleet management, telematics, and operational analytics needs. Route4Me can do it all for you.