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Advanced Constraint Add-On - Dynamic Service Times


Field service operations can be quite complicated, especially when it comes to service times.

For example, let’s say you run a beer delivery business, and you know that the delivery for one store usually takes 30 minutes. Those 30 minutes are spent doing many different activities, and not every activity takes the same amount of time.

You need to park your truck - that takes 5 minutes. You need to approach the store manager and confirm that they’re ready to accept a delivery - that takes 2 minutes. It only takes a minute to get the first keg out of the truck, but the second keg takes a little longer because it’s further back.

Route4Me’s Dynamic Service Times constraint makes it much easier to plan for these real-world complications. Instead of simply estimating the service time needed for each stop, you can use a measurement you know (such as the number of kegs being delivered) as a proxy for time. This will make your operations more streamlined and efficient. You’ll be able to save time, improve customer satisfaction, and make more money.