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Driver Skills and Vehicle Attributes

$10 / per user / per month

Just because two people in your organization have the same title doesn’t mean they have the same skill set and not all the vehicles in your fleet are well suited to the same deliveries or customers.

Let’s say you run an IT company, and one of your technicians is an Apple expert, while another is more experienced with Windows. In this scenario, it doesn’t make any sense to treat both of these employees the same when you assign clients to them. You know it makes the most sense to send the Apple expert to your clients who use Apple computers and the employee with Windows proficiency to your clients who use Windows computers.

Route4Me makes it easy to adapt your operations to situations like this. With the Driver Skills and Vehicle Attributes constraint, you can specify what each of your customers needs and what each of your field employees can do and which vehicle is best suited to the visit.

Driver Skills and Vehicle Attributes

Then, when you plan your routes, field employees and specific vehicles will be automatically assigned to the right stop. Your employees will enjoy their jobs more, your customers will get better service, and you will improve your business’s reputation. Everyone wins.