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Route4Me optimizes your route when traveling to multiple destinations [...] Route4Me claims that routes are usually 25-35% shorter after being optimized.

When Ms. Schuttig, Marketing Director of Signature Home Buyers, a local investment company that buys, sells and renovates properties in the upstate New York area, expanded the coverage to 2-3 new persons posting 80 - 100 signs every weekend over a 40 mile radius, she used a map to train them. "I had to hand-hold them the entire time", she said, "and, if they were not familiar with the area, they zig-zagged all over the place."

Route4Me tells you the most efficient; just put in the addresses, and let it work its magic.

The app could be particularly helpful for Small business owners who regularly make multiple deliveries in a single trip.

Amber Saujon, Marketing Operations Manager for American Newspaper Solutions, Wichita, Kansas: "A client thought they had 100% saturation, but I knew they didn't. I brought up the app, to show the area to my client, which proved my point." Client relations, immediately optimized routes, visual confirmation of new routes, and no printing or paper wasted—all make this Market Operations Manager happy with Route4Me.

Eddie Pillow, Marketing Director, Pillow Logistics, founded in 1988 with over 125 delivery specialists serving the Midwest and delivering highly sensitive medical equipment, lab specimens, blue prints, paychecks and auto parts. "I made two big bids, met with both customers the Friday before Christmas. I had to show cost effectiveness for an optimized route for each potential client. With route4me, I was able to create the route and show how the bid was put together, right in front of them!" Pillow used route4me to demonstrate the cost savings of creating an optimized route, in person, during the bid process.

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