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Medical & Healthcare

The medical industry is more regulated than most, especially when it comes to privacy. Businesses can be fined up to $1.5 million per year for violating HIPAA. Depending on the level of violation, even criminal charges can be brought against business owners.

Route4Me is the first and only route optimization and telematics platform to offer HIPAA-compliant route optimization, route planning, and telematics platform. HIPAA compliant route planning and route optimization. While all information sent through our system is encrypted in transit and at rest, HIPAA-compliant logistics solutions for industries such as non-emergency medical transport (NEMT) require additional enhancements such as automatic logout, storing 100% of system access logs, having BAA agreements with infrastructure providers, user roles, and more.

HIPAA-compliance is not specific to a particular package, but is an account-level paid enhancement that you can ask us to enable on your account for an additional fee at the time that we review and sign your BAA (Business Associate Agreement). The additional fee is due to the additional overhead and level of security we must maintain to ensure your account is securely protected.

With the HIPAA-compliance enabled, this means that 100% of Route4Me platform traffic for your account is encrypted in transit and at rest and we can sign a BAA (Business Associate Agreement) if needed.

Route4Me also helps you maintain your chain of custody audit records, visitation records, GPS tracking data, and more. As one example, your team members can upload images to Route4Me to provide photographic proof that they actually visited each stop or of the work completed.

In addition to securely protecting Personal Information, route optimization helps increase profit while reducing operating costs. Where applicable, mileage fraud and fraudulent visits might lead to unvisited patients, which may have far greater implications and costs than the price of fuel.

Today's need for higher-quality outcomes requires improved transparency, communication, and transportation.