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Food Delivery

Faster deliveries to customers and stores with less handling.

To succeed in the food delivery industry, you've got to be fast. The longer food is in transit, the more things can go wrong with it because of its fragile nature and short shelf life.

Transportation in the food & beverage industry isn't just about quickly bringing one-off sandwiches or meals to customers. It's also about increasing the travel speed from farms to distribution centers, and from distribution centers to commercial kitchens and retail locations.

Grocery delivery and food delivery software.

There are plenty of obstacles that could slow your drivers down, such as heavy traffic, bad weather, and construction detours. It's always a race against the clock when it comes to produce, so optimization strategies like direct store delivery and direct to customer delivery are critical.

Using route planning software will help you minimize the costs of these obstacles by incorporating 100% of your business requirements. Route4Me can account for number of items per vehicle, weight of items allowed per vehicle, ambient temperature requirements, fragile item tagging, sun avoidance routing, and over 25 other factors.

  • With delivery route optimization software, you will arrive on time more often
  • Our delivery route planner has a GPS tracking feature that shows you where your drivers are and how fast they’re going at all times
  • Our delivery route planner app also allows you to share tracking data with your customers, so they can check on an order’s status themselves instead of bothering you about it