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Construction & Heavy Equipment

Improve productivity, manage theft, and workplace safety.

Heavy equipment costs a fortune. Bulldozers, crawlers, and loaders will run you six figures each - but you already knew that!

Don't let your investment go to waste. Using a GPS-enabled tracking system combined with a route optimization system for scheduling purposes will improve your ROI, as it allows you to get the maximum amount of production out of your equipment.

Plan routes for trucks and commercial vehicles.

The cost of heavy equipment also makes it a target for thieves. What will you do if your heavy equipment is stolen? Even if insurance covers it eventually, can you and/or your clients afford the downtime? Downtime can lead to missed contract dates or workers standing around doing nothing.

Route4Me's GPS tracking saves you money in this situation and so many others, like after-hour usage, fuel theft, and other abnormal usage behaviors.

With connected telematics GPS tracking, you can see where your equipment is and who is using it at all times. In addition to location data, connected telematics from our hardware partners also capture valuable maintenance information to ensure vehicle maintenance occurs before unexpected and costly breakdowns.

  • GPS tracking for construction makes it easy to recover stolen vehicles
  • Construction equipment tracking makes your employees more productive as well
  • Our construction fleet management solution will reduce your expenses and increase your income